Subject Overview

The Music syllabus aims to deliver a broad and balanced education in class music by providing students with the musical knowledge, understanding, practical competencies and attitudes appropriate to their age, needs, abilities and interests.


The syllabus content involves a series of interrelated musical activities aimed at developing performing, composing and listening skills.
In performing, students may choose from a variety of individual and group performing categories.
In composing, students may select from a range of prescribed exercises, including a higher level option in free composition.
Approximately 60 % of the listening requirements can be chosen from a broad range of given categories. Students study:

Scoil Chriost Ri Choir
  • Prescribed songs and works 
  • Choice songs and works
  • General listening and musical literacy skills
  • Irish music and
  • A chosen general study.

The syllabus content allows for considerable diversity in the choice of teaching materials and approaches and includes music from different musical styles, periods and genres.

The syllabus is designed to allow for mixed ability teaching. Ordinary level students undertake exercises appropriate to their stage of musical development. Higher level students undertake similar exercises, but at a more advanced level, together with some additional content.