Subject Content

You will learn some new, and improve on some topics you already know from primary school, these include: sets, number systems, algebra, functions and graphs, trigonometry, geometry, statistics and arithmetic and measure. 

 We treat maths as an active practical subject. Practical activities will include the use of calculators, computers, clinometers, playing cards, dice, outdoor investigations and many more exciting activities. You will work like a detective asking questions to help yourself solve puzzles or problems. 
Junior cycle maths is examined at three levels, higher level (2 papers), ordinary level (2 papers) and foundation level (1 paper). All three levels are available to study at Scoil Chriost Ri and students can choose the level suitable to them.

Maths is all around us from the snooze button on your alarm in the morning to the timing of sun set. Let’s discover it together.


Maths Department Mission Statement

Scoil Chriost Ri maths teachers aim to cultivate each students understanding of mathematical concepts, contexts and applications so as to enable students to relate mathematics to their everyday experiences. We endeavour to create an environment that promotes self-confidence in and enjoyment of mathematics.

In mathematics you will be investigating and problem solving on a daily basis