Maths Department Mission Statement

Scoil Chriost Ri maths teachers aim to cultivate each students understanding of mathematical concepts, contexts and applications so as to enable students to relate mathematics to their everyday experiences. We endeavour to create an environment that promotes self-confidence in and enjoyment of mathematics.

In mathematics you will be investigating and problem solving on a daily basis.

Leaving Certificate Subject Overview

Leaving Certificate maths is a two year course which is examined at three levels, higher level (2 papers), ordinary level (2 papers) and foundation level (2 papers). The Leaving Certificate course expands on the knowledge students gained at Junior Certificate level. Students will also learn new mathematical topics such as complex numbers and Bernoulli trials. With constant revision and practising exam paper questions, all students are well equipped to master the Leaving Certificate maths exam. Maths is a subject requirement for many college courses and also an excellent personal skill for daily living.


Subject content is presented at Ordinary level and Higher level under the headings: 

  • Arithmetic (OL only)
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Sequences and Series
  • Functions and Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics and Statistics

At Foundation level, subject content is presented under the following headings:

  • Number systems
  • Arithmetic
  • Areas and volumes
  • Algebra
  • Statistics and probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Functions and graphs
  • Geometry


Leaving Certificate mathematics is examined at all three levels by means of terminal examination papers. There are two papers at each level.