Junior Cycle

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Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

This replaces the old Junior Certificate that students received in September.
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Classroom Based Assessment

Classroom based assessment that takes place in 2nd and 3rd Year.
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Other Areas of Learning

3-5 statements of learning that will appear on the JCPA. These are linked to the statements of learning & key skills of the Junior Cycle.

Key Skills of the Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle aims to help learners develop 8 key skills. These key skills are embedded in the teaching and planning of each subject.

Statements of Learning

These Statements of Learning will be linked directly with course content in each subject. Click on the links below for examples.
English | Business | Science | Irish

Subject Learning & Assessment Review

Subject Departments meet to review their student's CBA's. They examine the work based on externally set Features of Quality.


Keep up to date on all Junior Cycle Info using Twitter.
Each subject also has its own account.