John Paul II Awards

Dawn Keyes

This year, some of the Sixth Year girls participated in the JPII Awards, along with some old SCR faces and various other students from our parish. The Pope John Paul II Awards is dedicated to the memory of the late Pope John Paul II whose love of young people was so profound. The Award is for anyone aged between 16 and 18 and living or going to school in participating Dioceses  and will enable you to become more actively involved in the life of your parish and community.  The award is non-competitive, flexible and voluntary.

There are four Awards: The Papal Cross, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You earn your Award by taking part in activities through Parish Involvement and Social Awareness, and preparation of a short presentation, in which you describe the activities that you participated in.

Examples of activities in the parish that can be done for the Award are:

  • Reading at Mass
  • Altar Server
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Member of choir/folk group
  • Church decoration/Collector

Examples of activities in the area of Social Awareness that you could do for your Award are:

  • Member of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Working in a youth club/charity shop
  • Ongoing fundraising
  • Regular visitation of residential homes
  • Faith Friends

Award Top-Ups are also given in recognition of the extra activities that young people are already involved in. Top-Ups will go towards the total number of hours an individual has to complete. Once the Award is complete, all the different dioceses come together one evening in January for the Awards Ceremony where each individual is presented with their medal and certificate in recognition for their huge achievement and colossal amount of hard work that they put into the Award over the last year.

To anyone who is interested in joining the Awards, I would definitely say go for it! It’s a great way to meet new friends and also to make a difference in the Parish. Participating in this Award has given us some of the best memories of this year, from trying to avoid the animals in the Live Crib, the unforgettable events climbing Croagh Patrick, the Eucharistic Congress and even the trip to Lough Derg where shoes, food, phones and sleep are not allowed! . It really is an amazing experience and you’re helping so many people along the way. I couldn’t recommend it more.

And now I would like to give a huge congratulations to all those who received an Award on the 24thand the 25th of January 2013! That night was definitely the highlight of our year so far and  the pride and happiness on every person’s face was amazing to behold. That night, we received the fruits of our hard work and that was amazing in itself, but to know that we’ve helped so many people, young and old, is the true treasure of this Award. Therefore a big congrats to Joanne Parker, Shannon Dijkhuizen, Charlene Duff, Veronica Donovan, Annabel Laffan, myself and all the other students from our Parish who all received Gold Awards/Papal Cross. It will definitely stand to you in the future. Best wishes!