Design & Communication Graphics (DCG)

What is DCG? 

DCG is Technical Graphics at Leaving Certificate level. Students build on what they have learned at Junior Cycle level. Developing their communication skills further, students also look at new areas such as intersection and development of surfaces, ICT, assemblies, structural forms, communication of design and many more.

At the beginning of 6th year, students are given their ‘student assignment’ outlining what they must design. This assignment is worth 40% of their overall marks and involves modeling their designs using 3D CAD as part of their design portfolio. Examples of previous student assignments are; sat nav, desk tidy, perfume bottle, lecturn.

Students who take DCG at Leaving Certificate develop a great ability to solve problems. This transfers very well to real life problems as well as other subjects such as maths and on into college.


40% Project

60% Drawing Exam

Students complete their projects by January of 6th Year.